Create a Kublr platform in Azure


This document describes the necessary steps needed to deploy the Kublr Platform in a Microsoft Azure infrastructure. It contains the following main steps:

  1. Deploying the Kublr Platform to Microsoft Azure infrastructure
  2. Opening deployed Kublr Platform
  3. (Optional) Setting up a custom DNS name for the Kublr Platform


Installed Kublr Demo/Installer. Please refer to Installation Guide for Kublr Demo/Installer.

To deploy a cluster in your Azure account with Kublr, you’ll need to create an Azure API credentials. Please refer to Creating Azure API credentials.

Connecting Microsoft Azure and Kublr

  1. Log into Kublr using your credentials.
  2. Click on the Credentials menu in the left navigation menu bar. Credentials
  3. Click Add Credentials Add Credentials
  4. Under credential type, select Azure Credentials.
  5. Enter Credential’s Name (e.g. Test).
  6. Enter Tenant ID, Subscription ID, Client ID and Client Secret from the steps above.
  7. Click Save Credentials.
  8. “Credentials have been successfully created” popup appears.
  9. Click to verify if credentials are valid and ready to be used.

Deploying Kublr Platform to Azure Infrastructure

  1. Click on Cluster Menu in the left navigation menu bar. Cluster Menu
  2. Click on Add Kublr Platform or Deploy Full Kublr Platform Add New Cluster
  3. You may see short Kublr Platform description. Add New Cluster
  4. Enter Kublr Platform name.
  5. Select Provider: Microsoft Azure and region. Azure Provider
  6. Select the credentials created and/or saved in point 2.
  7. Select operating system to be used for Kublr cluster instances. Select OS
  8. Select number of master nodes and instance type. Select Instance Type
  9. Select number of worker nodes and instance type. Select Word Nodes
  10. Select credentials for accessing newly deployed Kublr platform. Credentials1. Click Confirm and Install. A “congratulations” box will appear: “Your cluster is being created. It might take a few minutes.”.

Opening Deployed Kublr Platform

The Kublr Platform creation process typically takes about 30 minutes to complete.

  1. Once it’s done, on Clusters page you will see: Kublr Platform
  2. Click on “Open Kublr Platform” button to open the program.
  3. Please allow it to use the self-signed SSL certificate. SSL Certificate error
  4. Sign In to the Kublr Platform using the admin Username and Password provided when creating Kublr Platform above.

Setting Up Custom DNS Name for Kublr Platform

This optional step is needed if you want to replace the IP address for the Kublr Platform, which looks something like “” with something more user-friendly, like

In order to do this, please create a new DNS A record for pointing to Kublr Platform IP.

Instructions on how to setup SSL certificate for this domain are provided in the article: Ingress TLS/SSL Setup.