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Application and system logs can help you understand what is happening in your clusters. The logs are particularly useful for troubleshooting and monitoring cluster activity.

The Self-hosted ElasticSearch/Kibana can be used when you need dedicated Logging in the cluster.

For Cluster

Select the Self-Hosted Logging option for log records to be transferred both into Centralized and Self-hosted ElasticSearch.

When selected, you can additionally specify:

For Elasticsearch:

  • Number of Master nodes for ElasticSearch cluster. Note that the number of maste nodes should be 1, 3 or more. You can find more details here.
  • Number of Data nodes that hold data and perform data related operations such as CRUD, search, and aggregations.
  • Number of Client nodes that follow client requests.

The Persistence enabled option is selected by default.


Optionally, you can also specify the Data node disk size in GB. Note that a 4 GB storage will be additionally created for each master node.

For Platform

Unlike cluster:

  • Logging cannot be disabled.
  • It has name Centralized Logging.
  • For AWS, it has an Add AWS CloudWatch Logs option.

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  • Information will be provided soon.

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