Creating a cluster using automated ssh-based installation

Creating a cluster using automated ssh-based installation


This page describes how to create on-premise Kubernetes cluster using ssh protocol.


You will need to run Kublr Control Plane. For instruction on how to do this, go to On-Premise Installation.

To install Kubernetes via ssh, your nodes must have settings:

  1. Direct connection from Kublr Control Plane
  2. Opened 22 ssh port
  3. Nodes are accessed through one ssh private key for each node in the instance group
  4. Your ssh key must be without passphrase
  5. Command sudo for escalate privileges should work without a password

Create secret for ssh private key

Go to the Credentials tab and create ssh private key

create SSH key

Create cluster

  1. Click on Cluster Menu in Left Navigation Menu Bar Cluster Menu
  2. Click on Add Cluster Add New Cluster
  3. Enter Cluster Name Cluster Name
  4. Select Provider: BARE-METAL Bare-metal provider

Master nodes

Select Number of Master Nodes Number of Masters

Select Installation Type “Automated using SSH”, enter the username and select ssh private key

enter username

Enter the IP addresses or DNS for your master nodes, which should be available for Kublr Control Plane


Worker nodes

And also select Installation Type “Automated using SSH” then enter the username and select ssh private key for worker nodes

To add a working node, click the Plus button and enter the IP or DNS addresses, and then confirm the entered addresses by pressing the Confirm button.


Click Confirm and Install at the bottom right of the screen.

In a few minutes the cluster will be created.

Cluster created