Kublr Demo/Installer Release 1.10.0 (2018-07-31)


This update covers Kubernetes 1.10 and other performance enhancements.


  1. Upgrade Kubernetes to 1.10.5
  2. New Centralized logging feature
  3. Support for GPU on Amazon Web Services
  4. Cluster Autoscaler now uses autodiscovery mechanism
  5. Out of the Box support for HPA and Custom Metrics
  6. Grafana updated to the latest version
  7. Prometheus updated to the latest version
  8. It is possible to install/update/delete features after cluster creation
  9. Security Improvements
  10. Role-based Access Control for Kublr Platform (Tech Preview, available using Kublr API only)
  11. Google Cloud Support (Tech Preview, available using Kublr API only)
  12. Performance enhancements of known issues

Known Issues

  1. Kublr UI doesn’t support changing memory limit for Elasticsearch
  2. By default there is no job that extends the license for Elasticsearch for a year
  3. “Applications” tab doesn’s open for On-premise cluster.
  4. SelfHosted logging can expects some issues due to absent default index template.
  5. Centralized Logging Panel has no effect when creating the cluster and will be removed from the cluster creation page in the next release.

Components versions


Component Version
Kubernetes 1.10.5
etcd 3.1.12
Kubernetes Dashboard 1.8.3

Kublr Control Plane

Component Version
Kublr Box Build 411
Kublr Control Plane 1.10.0

Kublr Platform Features

Component Version
Ingress 0.3.3
nginx ingress controller (helm chart version) 0.20.3
kube-lego (helm chart version) 0.4.2
Centralized Logging 0.5.2
ElasticSearch 6.2.4
Kibana 6.2.4
ElasticSearch Exporter 1.0.1
Rabbitmq 3.7.3
Curator 5.5.1
Logstash 6.2.4
Fluentd 2.0.4
Centralized Monitoring 1.10
Prometheus 2.3.2
Kube State Metrics 1.1.0
AlertManager 0.11.0
Grafana 5.1.4
HAproxy 1.7.10
System 0.3.0