Kublr Demo/Installer Release 1.10.1 (2018-10-02)


This update covers Kubernetes 1.10.7 and other enhancements.


  1. Upgrade Kubernetes to [1.10.7]
  2. Complete redevelopment of the Centralized Logging feature. We are using the latest (6.4) version of all ELK components, oss images (without X-Pack, though you still can work with X-Pack as needed). Also, ElasticSearch is available in cluster mode, as recommended by the vendor.
  3. Complete redesign of the Centralized Monitoring feature. Now every cluster has it’s own Prometheus installation, and Kublr Platform uses the Prometheus Federation feature to collect metrics from underlying clusters.
  4. Single sign-on for Kibana. Now you can open the Kibana dashboard without a login/password using a Kublr account.
  5. We introduced Kublr spaces in UI. Spaces is a part of future role-based and access-control functionality. You can now create spaces and add a Kubernetes cluster to spaces. You can assign granular access and permissions via API. In future releases, we will add UI for this functionality.
  6. Grafana and Alert Manager have been updated to the latest version and now have better integration with the Centralized Monitoring feature.
  7. Implemented full support of Google Cloud Platform (created, update, delete, integration with centralized logging and monitoring).
  8. We improved UI to make it clear and accurate. We added more tips and edited existing ones.

Known issues and limitation

  1. On-premise cluster doesn’t support enabling persistence for features after the cluster has been created.
  2. It’s not possible to set a Custom Domain in Custom Specification.
  3. By default we disabled support of GPU for on-premises installation. Enabling GPU could cause unstable Kubernetes behavior with an unsupported GPU adapter. Please refer to documentation for supported GPU models.

Components versions


Component Version
Kubernetes 1.10.7
etcd 3.1.12
Kubernetes Dashboard 1.8.3

Kublr Control Plane

Component Version
Kublr Box Build 432
Kublr Control Plane 1.10.1

Kublr Platform Features

Component Version
Ingress 0.3.4
nginx ingress controller (helm chart version) 0.20.3
kube-lego (helm chart version) 0.4.2
Centralized Logging 0.6.0
ElasticSearch 6.4.0
Kibana 6.4.0
ElasticSearch Exporter 1.0.1
Rabbitmq 3.7.3
Curator 5.5.1
Logstash 6.4.0
Fluentd 2.3.1
Centralized Monitoring 1.10.1
Prometheus 2.3.2
Kube State Metrics 1.1.0
AlertManager 0.15.2
Grafana 5.2.2
System 0.3.4