Kublr Demo/Installer Release 1.12.0 (2019-05-16)

Quick Start

sudo docker run --name kublr -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 9080:9080 kublr/kublr:1.12.0

Kublr Demo/Installer is a lightweight tool for running a limited-functionality Kublr Platform inside a Docker container and installing a full Kublr Control Plane. It can be used to:

  • Test setup and management of a standalone Kubernetes cluster
  • Setup a full-featured Kublr Platform

Kublr Demo/Installer stores all the data about the created clusters inside the Docker container. If you delete the Docker container you will lose all data about the created clusters and Kublr platforms. You will not lose the cluster and platform itself. The Kublr team recommends using Kublr Demo/Installer to check that a Kubernetes cluster can be created in your environment and to experiment. We also recommend creating a full-featured and durable Kublr Platform, in any cloud or on-premise, with the full power Kublr platform to manage your Kubernetes clusters.


This major release brings VMware vSphere and VMware VCloud Director support. This release supports Kubernetes 1.12.8 and many improvements for all existing features. We introduced several new features (technical preview): Kublr CLI and SElinux support. We refreshed the UI design and made improvements, paying attention to improved security.


  1. Kubernetes 1.12.8
  2. VMware vSphere support
  3. VMware VCloud Director support
  4. Kublr CLI (technical preview)
  5. OS support:
    • Ubuntu 18.04 support
    • Enabled running Kublr nodes on tiny instances
    • Linux Kernel version check
    • Check and report disk space during Kublr setup
  6. Security:
    • ABAC disabled by default
    • SElinux support (technical preview)
  7. User interface:
    • New option to completely delete a cluster from db
    • Support DNS configuration
    • Allow user to override /var/lib/kublr for onPrem installations
    • Design update
    • Angular 7
  8. AirGap:
    • Introduced new secret “docker registry” so you can define your own docker registry through the UI
  9. OnPrem:
    • Support sudo-less installation
    • Storage class for OnPrem installations
    • Allow to override etcd data directory
  10. Centralized monitoring:
    • Enhanced etcd monitoring
    • Support metric-server
    • Monitoring for kube-controller-manager and kube-scheduler
  11. GCP:
    • Support nodes without public IP
    • Support creating cluster in existing VPC
  12. Azure:
    • User can specify disk size
    • Allow to enabled/disable Public LB for masters
    • Support standard Azure storageAccountType
    • Add ability to define Routes and Peering in Azure in cluster spec
  13. AWS:
    • User can create a cluster with Termination protection
    • User can change boot disk size
    • Support for Existing VPC

Known Issues

  1. For RedHat detected unstable work of flannel and calico CNI plugins, which does not affect the standard installation
  2. Broken layout for Ingress on IE 11

Components versions


Kubernetes Dashboard1.10.1

Kublr Control Plane

Kublr Control Plane1.12.0

Kublr Platform Features

nginx ingress controller (helm chart version)0.28.2
kube-lego (helm chart version)0.4.2
Centralized Logging1.12.0
ElasticSearch Exporter1.0.1
Centralized Monitoring1.12.0
Kube State Metrics1.3.1