Kublr Release 1.16.0 (2020-01-28)

Kublr Quick Start

sudo docker run --name kublr -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 9080:9080 kublr/kublr:1.16.0

The Kublr Demo/Installer is a lightweight, dockerized, limited-functionality Kublr Platform which can be used to:

  • Test setup and management of a standalone Kubernetes cluster
  • Setup a full-featured Kublr Platform

The Kublr Demo/Installer stores all of the data about the created clusters inside the Docker container. If you delete the Docker container you will lose all data about the created clusters and the Kublr platforms. However, you will not lose the cluster and platform itself. We recommend using the Kublr Demo/Installer to verify if a Kubernetes cluster can be created in your environment and to experiment with it. To manage a real cluster and experience all features, you must create a full-featured Kublr Platform in a cloud or on-premise.


This major release brings one of the most valuable features for Enterprise Container Platform based on Kubernetes - in-place rolling upgrade of Kubernetes versions. It works in all supported clouds, on-premise and VMware environments. Upgrade of a cluster requires zero down time. It’s fully automatic, supports different strategies and includes a rollback option in case of a failure. Please refer to the guide for more details in-place rolling upgrade. Now the Kublr Platform supports multiple Kubernetes versions. Please read this important information before moving to 1.16 from previous Kubernetes versions Urgent Upgrade Notes. Please contact support-team@kublr.com for upgrade guide from version 1.15.x to 1.16.0.


  1. Kubernetes 1.16.4, 1.16.6
  2. In place upgrade for Kubernetes and components for all supported types of infrastructure
  3. User interface:
    • Kublr provides more telemetry information through the UI
  4. VMware vSphere
    • Is’s possible to use static IP with cloud init
  5. Centralized monitoring:
    • Alert manager 0.19
  6. GCP:
    • Support for creating clusters in existing VPC
  7. Core:
    • IPVS support for kube-proxy (technical preview)
    • Kublr agent extensions
    • Coredns 1.6.2

Known Issues

  1. nginx-ingress’s Grafana dashboard does not show all statistics if host value not specified in ingress rule

Components versions


Component Version
Kubernetes 1.16.4
etcd 3.3.15
Kubernetes Dashboard 2.0.0-rc1

Kublr Control Plane

Component Version
Kublr Control Plane 1.16.0

Kublr Platform Features

Component Version
Ingress 1.16.0
nginx ingress controller (helm chart version) 1.24.5
cert-manager 0.11
Centralized Logging 1.16.0
ElasticSearch 6.8.4
Kibana 6.8.4
RabbitMQ 3.7.3
Curator 5.5.1
Logstash 6.8.4
Fluentd 2.7.1
Centralized Monitoring 1.16.0
Prometheus 2.13.0
Kube State Metrics 1.8.0
AlertManager 0.16.2
Grafana 6.5.1
System 1.16.0
—Āoredns 1.6.2