Your upgrade to Kublr 1.20.1 must include the procedures described below.

Simultaneous Update of Kublr Control Plane

Features versions for Kublr 1.20.1 are:

  • kublrOperator: 1.20.1-1
  • ControlPlane: 1.20.1-1
  • System: 1.20.1-1
  • Ingress: 1.20.1-1
  • KubeDB: 1.20.1-1

After that you can update log collection and monitoring via UI.

Logging migration to ELK 7.10.2

  1. Before updating log collection feature, go to Kibana Management menu and delete kublr*, kublr_default* index patterns

  2. After new spec applied and chart installed, run from logging-controller pod:

    /sgadmin/tools/sgadmin.sh --delete-config-index -icl -nhnv \
    -cacert /sg-certificates/root-ca.pem \
    -cert /sg-certificates/sgadmin.pem \
    -key /sg-certificates/sgadmin.key \
  3. Trigger kublr-logging-sg-init CronJob in kubernetes dashboard or use the following commnand:

    kubectl create job kublr-logging-sg-init --from=cronjob/kublr-logging-sg-init -n kublr