Kublr Demo/Installer Release 1.9.4 (2018-06-27)


Performance enhancement release


  1. Use latest version of kube-lego and Ingress controller. Migration from kube-lego to cert-manager will be done in the next major release.
  2. Fixed wrong redirect on login/logout pages in Grafana
  3. Set missing requests and limits for monitoring components

Known Issues

Performance improvements to address theses issues will be included in next major release of Kublr.

  1. During cluster update adding new features works only in non-Persistence mode for AWS (Fixed in Kublr 1.10)
  2. Cluster is not updated in Draft state if AWS region was changed in cluster specificati
  3. In some cases user may experience errors when deleting nodes from On-Premise cluster in Control Plane
  4. Restore: Links of features are not present on the cluster’s Overview page after restoration
  5. Restore: overallClusterStatus not initialize for the restored cluster

Components versions


Component Version
Kubernetes 1.9.8
etcd 3.1.11
Kubernetes Dashboard 1.8.3

Kublr Control Plane

Component Version
Kublr Box Build 383
Kublr Control Plane 0.3.2-80

Kublr Platform Features

Component Version
Ingress 0.3.3
nginx ingress controller (helm chart version) 0.20.3
kube-lego (helm chart version) 0.4.2
Logging 0.4.7
ElasticSearch 5.6.3
Kibana 5.6.3
ElasticSearch Exporter 1.0.1
Centralized Monitoring 0.3.7
Prometheus 2.2.1
Kube State Metrics 1.1.1
AlertManager 0.11.0
Grafana 4.6.2
System 0.2.4